28 August 2008

Collage Play With Crowabout Week #4

Here is my journal page for Week #4 in the Collage Play with Crowabout Flicker group. It's a private group, so I can't offer you a link to it, but you can get more information about it at Nancy's blog. Every week, she gives us a new sheet full of collage elements and we each make a collage or journal page using at least three of them. The background is one that I made following Suzan Buckner's background tutorial. The girl's face was colorized digitally, but the collage itself was put together manually. My rubberstamping technique could use a little bit of work, but I'm pleased with the way this turned out. There is a margin on the left so that it can eventually be bound with my Bind-It-All.


Pallas said...

Your journal pages are turning out great! I love the vibrant colors and the thoughtful quotes.


Gio said...

This page is stunning! Absolute gorgeus. Love the images and how you used them!
Thanks for passing on my blog!=^.^=