25 September 2009

The Joy Diet -- Nothing

". . . your thoughts are not you, that thinking is not the process by which you recognize the keys to your existence, things like beauty, truth, and love."
Martha Beck, The Joy Diet

I felt like a lazy bum in relation to The Joy Diet process this week. Not because I didn't do my assignment (I did!), but rather because it was "nothing" new to me. I've meditated off an on over the years and recently reestablished my regular practice. So, while I did follow Martha's suggestion, I didn't add anything new to my daily practice. I did try following her ticker tape suggestion, but found it more work than I'm used to doing. Usually, after the first few minutes, my monkey mind settles down and my thoughts slow considerably. When I recognize a thought, I just return to concentrating on my breathing and I'm back in the flow.

I usually meditate for about 15 minutes, but in honor of The Joy Diet, I extended my time this week to 20 minutes -- and I liked it. I think I'll continue with the 20-minute sessions from now on. The extra five minutes allows me the chance to sink even deeper into the stillness.

When I first began meditating, years ago, I had a problem wrapping my mind around the idea that I am not my thoughts. If I am not my thoughts, what am I? I am both deeper and broader than my thoughts, more timeless than the ever fleeting ideas of an over active mind. One day -- probably during meditation -- it occurred to me that, indeed, I am not my thoughts, but rather, I exist in that quiet space between my thoughts.

I really enjoyed this first chapter of the book, and look forward to reading, applying and growing. Now, I'm off to read about Truth!

I did my vision card, but the scanner is unhooked and I felt like I couldn't get a good photo. I'll continue to create them and will post them when I can!


Anonymous said...

My week of Nothing started slowly, but ended almost right. Definitely encorporating Nothing into my life.

Nothing is good! - ha! Sounds so negative!

sherry ♥ lee said...

The fact that you are already into meditation before starting nothing will have made this "easier" for you but I like the fact that rather than rest on that and say "well, okay, I'm ready for the next chapter, nothing for me to do here", you added 5 minutes and challenged yourself. That's lovely!

Looking forward to experiencing truth with you this week!

Melita said...

i love doing nothing. i also mediate. i find so much joy can come from nothing :)

Karen D said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with nothing this week, good to hear you were able to add 5 more minutes to your nothing time.

Helen said...

I too, added five minutes to my nothing time. I found that after the first couple of fifteen minute sessions the bell was ringing sooner than I wanted it to. I look forward to seeing your vision cards.

WrightStuff said...

It's good to read what you feel when you get there! I'm a way off yet, but keep trying!

Lisa said...

Your post woke up my own experiences with meditation... good for you for challenging yourself to add time to your already existing practice... and enjoying it!