22 September 2009

Spill It! Online Workshop

Carmen Torbus is about to teach her first ever online workshop, Spill It! The workshop will be aimed at helping you to get in touch with your creative self. I've bought a million books that promised to do the same thing, but there was always something missing. I think this workshop has the missing ingredient. Carmen will host technique videos, idea videos, and discussion -- all aimed at helping you (me) to spill our creative selves on canvas. There isn't a complicated or expensive supply list; the real investment is showing up and doing the work/play.

I think this is gonna be great. In fact, I signed up on the day registration opened. Join me?

1 comment:

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

that Carmen has "got it"!

i too am looking forward to her passion... "spilled out" for all of us! :)

i just saw (FB) you have paint on your hands RIGHT NOW... enjoy!