09 September 2009

Terrific Tuesday!

I had a really wonderful day yesterday!

First off, I woke up earlier than expected (2:22 AM to be exact) and couldn't get back to sleep. Because I was wide awake, I decided to spend some time on Facebook -- mostly playing Farm Town! -- and Twitter ... something I wouldn't have been able to do if I'd gotten up with my alarm. I loved watching the sky change colors as the sun rose, and hearing the birds start their day with song. Usually, I awaken around 9:30 AM, so I miss all of that.

I went to Redlands to spend the day, and my drive was nice. Not too much traffic so I made good time. I went mainly to attend a class in Copic Markers at Collective Journey. The class was taught by Jennie, and she did a great job. She was very generous with the use of her markers, if one of us didn't have the color we needed. She was funny and knew her subject well. I learned a lot about Copic Markers and their uses. I probably won't ever use them with stamping/card making, which is the context Jennie taught them in, but will use them for art journaling or other mixed-media work. She brought her air gun. I didn't get to use it, as I had to leave exactly on time, but I saw the others working with it. I think I'd eventually like to get one, but I'll be able to wait for it to come to me! If you live in the area and are curious about these markers, give Collective Journey a call (909-793-2200) and ask when her next class is! The markers are available at Collective Journey -- when they have them! They are selling so well that it's difficult to keep them in stock!

(Pics above: Jennie working with some of the ladies on using the air gun; Jennie demonstrating wood grain to Pat,
one of the women who works at Collective Journey.)

After my class, I shopped for a quick minute. I bought some of the paper recommended for working with Copic Markers (Neenah Classic, Crest Solar White) and some card stock for book two in Julie Pritchard's Art Journaling Super Nova class (part one). I haven't done a single thing toward my bookbinding projects, as I've not gathered all my supplies. I love where we live, but it is awfully inconvenient sometimes! Not that I'd have had any better luck living in Redlands, although I may have been able to justify a trip into LA if we lived there!

Once I completed my shopping, I met a friend for lunch and shopping at one of the local $.99 stores. We just had a quick lunch at Jack in the Box, but we had a good visit. All I bought was a set of plastic shot classes (thinking I can use them to dispense paint or glue into) and some aluminum tape.

The only real blemish in my day happened on the way home: I got stuck on the 215, as there was a bad traffic accident and the freeway was closed for a bit. I sat/inched ahead for about 35 minutes, and then they reopened the freeway completely and let us on our way. There was a sign advising that the freeway was closed and to take an alternate route, but I didn't know one! I called both my husband and FIL, and discovered that there was a way around the accident if I could get off the freeway at the next exit -- but it would have taken me two and a half hours out of my way! I decided to just sit in traffic and listen to the radio!

I got home in time to make it to the post office, which made my day! They had been holding a package for me since SATURDAY, but with the long holiday week-end, I couldn't pick it up until Tuesday. That almost drove me crazy! It was the first of my long awaited bookbinding and art supplies, so I was a happy camper!

There was another blemish in my day -- Hubby didn't get home from work until almost 8:30! Just time for dinner and then it was bedtime for him, since he's had such a long day. I missed getting to spend any real time with him.

And it doesn't look as though he'll be home much earlier tonight! SIGH!

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tnl634 said...

LOL! We moved from Redlands to Silver Lakes in March. I completely understand your struggles. People laugh at me when I tell them I have to go "out of town" to do things. I love it out here, but like you said...sometimes inconvenient (we're considering moving back to redlands or hesperia). I just ran into your blog (I Did a search for blogs done by anyone in helendale)...I like it! I just got into painting so it's interesting to see what's out there. I might even start going to the community center on Monday mornings to work on my paintings. I have little one's that won't let me do anything here.