09 April 2009

A Delightful Day!

In the midst of packing to move, I decided to take time out for me today. I spent the morning with my Thursday morning painting group, and was I glad I did! Breakfast was catered by Panera Bread. All was yummy! I'd been hoping I'd get a chance to stop by there before I left, and what happened? It came to me! Now, if Old Spaghetti Factory will just find it's way to me before Tuesday ...

Then, I met Pallas for lunch at Martha Green's Eating Room. We had a delightful time getting to know each, plus we had a tasty lunch. She had the egg salad sandwich and I ordered a turkey and avocado melt; we each had sweet potato fries. The food was good and the service was attentive without being intrusive. 

Pallas gave me a beautiful fabric ATC when lunch was over. What a kind gesture! I love ATCs, and this one is particularly nice. Pink is one of my favorite colors, and I adore all things Russian. In fact, I used to joke around that I was Russian in a past life. Thanks, Pallas!

02 April 2009

Another Slow Day

We didn't get to see our house on Tuesday. We didn't get out of Fort Irwin until after 3:30, so it was just too late when we made it to Silver Lakes (it's about an hour drive). We drove to the house and John got to see the outside. We got out of the car and walked around and looked at the backyard, too -- that was the first time I'd seen the backyard!

Today we are back at Fort Irwin; I'm sitting in the Starbucks again. There aren't as many soldiers here as there were Tuesday, but it is starting to slowly fill up. John is expectly to be here for only a couple of hours, so we'll go to Silver Lakes when we leave here. Hopefully, we'll get to see the house today!