17 April 2010

Out Of Touch

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be MIA for awhile. My mother had a major heart attack and bypass surgery. She also has an aortic aneurysm that needs to be dealt with in about 30 days. I'm in Arkansas for the time being and I don't have reliable internet access. I'll post when I can.

01 April 2010

New Podcast Up!

Just wanted to let you know that my exciting interview with Carmen Torbus is posted and ready to download or listen to. I had a great time talking to Carmen -- she's so enthusiastic and passionate about what she does.

I know I've been MIA for awhile -- Hubby and I have both had bad colds and some stuff going on in our personal lives that has kept me away from my blog. I'm getting over my cold now, so I'll be back soon. Thanks for hanging in there!