29 September 2005

The City: Los Angeles

Well how are we all tonight boys and girls?

When we last left our heroes, they were on a mission to the Lost City - Lost Angeles - seeking medical aid for Mr. Senior Lantner. Aid was rendered, and recovery was had, and the patient is resting comfortably at his own homestead. Lantners of all stripes appreciate all your thoughts and well-wishes.

In other news, our cats - Thoreau, Mountbatten, and Ms. Bitsy - and Tweeterson (the bird) weathered our absence well. There was a minimum of boisterous carryings-on, though with a day and a half of rest, tonight's Evening Crazies should be something to see!

Also, the local robot - R5-D4 - the very robot the majority of these posts are written on - had its failing power supply replaced, and now runs cooler and quieter and has resumed its previous boundless wonderfulness.

Great guffaws were had tonight at the Lantner screening of the new Family Guy DVD. Its title escapes me right now - the new one about Stewie. Good video! Very 'adult' humor, but very funny.

Tomorrow is Counting Day at my new work - all hands report to the stock room to count small parts - and the weekend is National Guard duty. Not so for Mrs. Wife, who will be watching the very amazing movie Serenity. I my own self will view it Monday evening, after work.

That's the news right now.

Carry on .

21 September 2005

John's Devil Music, Part MCMVLIII

People* criticize me for not listening to anything except Iron Maiden. But - Ha! - I went out and got Bruce Dickinson's new single, "Abduction". It r00lz!

So there - I listen to Iron Maiden and now I listen to Bruce Dickinson!

* = 'People' is mostly ME, making up clever things to say to myself.

Also - what makes this funny is that Bruce Dickinson is the vocalist for - say it with me - Iron Maiden. But "Abduction" is from his solo project. So it's Iron-Maiden-minus-everyone-else. Ha! I do TOO listen to other things :-)

Drug Store electronics bargains!

My keyboard gave out kinda suddenly (There's a famous John-and-Cindy story that starts, "I was just SITTING there, minding my OWN BUSINESS . . .") so I was off to buy a keyboard. I'd been threatening to buy one for a couple of weeks, and when my spacebar stopped working, the time had come. I remembered that Sav-On (of all places) carried computer keyboards, so I headed down there. And, besides, buying electronics from a drug store late at night is kinda funny.

I found the keyboard pretty quick - despite the store rearranging aisles every couple of weeks - and I found another find too. Headphones! I'd been needing headphones for even longer, but I'd dreaded getting another pair of cheap-cr*p 'phones from the . . . place I got those. But on the computer aisle (of the drugstore) were headphones. (You know, the computers- headphones- graph paper- aisle). I found a pair for $9.00, the Sony MDR-101LP. They sound reeaallly good. Maybe it's just that they're 10x better than my 99 cent (really!) pair that just died, or maybe they're really pretty good. Anyway, I recommend them without reservation. Wait - wait. The cord is kinda short, like 3 feet long. One tiny reservation. My point is that the sound quality is really good - you can't beat it for the price.

Events and Things and Happenings and Stuff

Well hello!

Here I am again.

Life goes on and no stopping it! I'd say one day follows another without much change, but then something interesting happens.

I have a new job. Friends of the family will note that I just *had* a new job; now I have another. Now I work for Climet Instruments, Inc, based in Redlands. What they do takes a lot of explaining and isn't that interesting unless you're really technical, so I will put it in shorthand: I assemble eletrical stuff. I have my own workbench, and today I (mostly successfully) used a soldering iron AND a crimping tool. It's reasonably entertaining and it's twice the hours of my old job, so even without pay increases I'm making about half again as much as I was at FedEx. It's even more fun if you imagine that what you're working on is some kind of Giant Robot part.

Other good things about the new job: It's four minutes from our house. You are 'expected' to wear jeans and polo shirts, unless you're in Sales or Management. You can have an MP3 or CD player. There are two ten-minute breaks and a half-hour lunch. You're done for the day at 3:30pm. There's almost no chance of being hit square in the face by a sliding box. Nice!

Other news: I've had plenty of computer drama is the past three weeks.

First, our DSL went mostly out, to the point of being almost unusable. I have no idea what caused it, and by the time I decided that Somebody Ought To Do Something, the problem cleared up and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

Then my computer started crashing all the way to power-off. Ouch! It would do that every 20 minutes or so, to the point where I gave up and moved my vital stuff (my MP3's and my Trillian instant messenger) over to Cindy's computer. Eventually I traced the problem to a failing power supply. Specifically, the fan in the PS sometimes does not turn, and it gets so hot it shuts down in self-defense. Sometimes, though, the fan is just fine and the machine can run for hours.

Now, the spacebar on my keyboard suddenly got all "mashy", and I replaced the 'board, as related elsewhere in this riveting narrative.

It's good to be Blogging again

12 September 2005

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

There's so much heavy stuff in the news lately, especially coming from the Gulf. We have been weighed down by the news coming from New Orleans, Gulfport and Biloxi. If you watch any news, or listen to talk radio at all, your psyche has been left a little tender.

Well, one week from today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Check it out and have a little fun!

09 September 2005

How Long Has It Been???

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted to the blog. Since I've started working, it seems as though I have little time for my computer. I'm only working part-time, but JoAnne seems to take up ALL my time!

John has been busy as well. He works for Fed-Ex, and he often goes to work at 2:00 in the morning. So he works for a four-six hours, then sleeps for much of the day or evening.

Seems we're both pretty busy these days.

My dad has been in the hospital for the past week. He has emphysema and has recently had a bout with plueresy. Even though it was only semi-serious, it has reminded me (again) that my parents are not immortal. I've only seen them for a week or two here or there during the past 6 1/2 years. I've missed a lot of the process of them growing older. A lot of it? Hell, I've missed most of it. I am totally surprised whenever I'm forced to face the state of things, where my parents are concerned, because it's happening out of my sight. Because I married so late (I was 35 when John and I got married), I had always assumed that I would be with my parents through their old age and that I would help take care of them.

It's so hard to be 1300 miles away, listening to them age, without being a part of the process -- for their sake and for my own.