29 September 2005

The City: Los Angeles

Well how are we all tonight boys and girls?

When we last left our heroes, they were on a mission to the Lost City - Lost Angeles - seeking medical aid for Mr. Senior Lantner. Aid was rendered, and recovery was had, and the patient is resting comfortably at his own homestead. Lantners of all stripes appreciate all your thoughts and well-wishes.

In other news, our cats - Thoreau, Mountbatten, and Ms. Bitsy - and Tweeterson (the bird) weathered our absence well. There was a minimum of boisterous carryings-on, though with a day and a half of rest, tonight's Evening Crazies should be something to see!

Also, the local robot - R5-D4 - the very robot the majority of these posts are written on - had its failing power supply replaced, and now runs cooler and quieter and has resumed its previous boundless wonderfulness.

Great guffaws were had tonight at the Lantner screening of the new Family Guy DVD. Its title escapes me right now - the new one about Stewie. Good video! Very 'adult' humor, but very funny.

Tomorrow is Counting Day at my new work - all hands report to the stock room to count small parts - and the weekend is National Guard duty. Not so for Mrs. Wife, who will be watching the very amazing movie Serenity. I my own self will view it Monday evening, after work.

That's the news right now.

Carry on .

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