21 September 2005

Drug Store electronics bargains!

My keyboard gave out kinda suddenly (There's a famous John-and-Cindy story that starts, "I was just SITTING there, minding my OWN BUSINESS . . .") so I was off to buy a keyboard. I'd been threatening to buy one for a couple of weeks, and when my spacebar stopped working, the time had come. I remembered that Sav-On (of all places) carried computer keyboards, so I headed down there. And, besides, buying electronics from a drug store late at night is kinda funny.

I found the keyboard pretty quick - despite the store rearranging aisles every couple of weeks - and I found another find too. Headphones! I'd been needing headphones for even longer, but I'd dreaded getting another pair of cheap-cr*p 'phones from the . . . place I got those. But on the computer aisle (of the drugstore) were headphones. (You know, the computers- headphones- graph paper- aisle). I found a pair for $9.00, the Sony MDR-101LP. They sound reeaallly good. Maybe it's just that they're 10x better than my 99 cent (really!) pair that just died, or maybe they're really pretty good. Anyway, I recommend them without reservation. Wait - wait. The cord is kinda short, like 3 feet long. One tiny reservation. My point is that the sound quality is really good - you can't beat it for the price.

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