21 September 2005

Events and Things and Happenings and Stuff

Well hello!

Here I am again.

Life goes on and no stopping it! I'd say one day follows another without much change, but then something interesting happens.

I have a new job. Friends of the family will note that I just *had* a new job; now I have another. Now I work for Climet Instruments, Inc, based in Redlands. What they do takes a lot of explaining and isn't that interesting unless you're really technical, so I will put it in shorthand: I assemble eletrical stuff. I have my own workbench, and today I (mostly successfully) used a soldering iron AND a crimping tool. It's reasonably entertaining and it's twice the hours of my old job, so even without pay increases I'm making about half again as much as I was at FedEx. It's even more fun if you imagine that what you're working on is some kind of Giant Robot part.

Other good things about the new job: It's four minutes from our house. You are 'expected' to wear jeans and polo shirts, unless you're in Sales or Management. You can have an MP3 or CD player. There are two ten-minute breaks and a half-hour lunch. You're done for the day at 3:30pm. There's almost no chance of being hit square in the face by a sliding box. Nice!

Other news: I've had plenty of computer drama is the past three weeks.

First, our DSL went mostly out, to the point of being almost unusable. I have no idea what caused it, and by the time I decided that Somebody Ought To Do Something, the problem cleared up and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

Then my computer started crashing all the way to power-off. Ouch! It would do that every 20 minutes or so, to the point where I gave up and moved my vital stuff (my MP3's and my Trillian instant messenger) over to Cindy's computer. Eventually I traced the problem to a failing power supply. Specifically, the fan in the PS sometimes does not turn, and it gets so hot it shuts down in self-defense. Sometimes, though, the fan is just fine and the machine can run for hours.

Now, the spacebar on my keyboard suddenly got all "mashy", and I replaced the 'board, as related elsewhere in this riveting narrative.

It's good to be Blogging again

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