16 October 2005

Technology and Us

Hello dere . . . how is every darn thing?

We are well on our way to mastering five-year-old technology here. I bought Cindy an inexpensive MP3 player, and she is over at her desk now loading and unloading songs, and getting everything just so. Setting up the software was a hassle - her computer is badly overburdened pending upgrades next week, so it took a long time - but everything works now.

Also, I have found "MP3 CD Converter", a Windows program that takes MP3s and makes audio CDs out of them, so my old-tech (but much loved) CD Walkman can play them. The trial version only lets you put 10 songs at a time on a CD, but most store-bought CDs are around ten songs anyway, so I don't mind. And CD-Rs are so cheap now I don't feel like I'm missing valuable CD capacity. So now I have a job that lets me listen to my CD player, and a custom heavy metal CD, a custom Ramones CD, and a custom Techno CD. That should keep me amused as I assemble my robots at work. "MP3 CD Converter" is easy to use - the interface is clean and everything works exactly like you expect it to. I recommend it. IM or email me if you need help locating it.

Off to parents' for dinner now . . . my birthday party is next Sunday, so we're all looking forward to that!

11 October 2005

Food Poisoning And You

Hello to You!

Yes, sadly, I had food poisoning today. I was fine all through work and started getting sick just as I left. I got home and spent the next four hours throwing up.

Also, any operation that requires the use of the toilet from the kneeling position is Not The One You Want. Boy, is THAT the truth!

It cleared up eventually, though I was left with an Epic Level headache for a while. Now though, my headache has gone, I have eaten and kept it down, and I've had two hours of recuperative sleep. I am ready to party!

I watched the Bruce Dickinson video for Abduction, his latest solo single. It's very cool, very X-Files, and I mostly like it. I say mostly 'cause there's one obnoxious, completely gratuitous sexual reference. It's a total non sequitur - logically and visually - so they had to make it extra-blatant. Yikes.

Well, I'm off to have all the fun I missed while I was being sick. See you all soon!