16 October 2005

Technology and Us

Hello dere . . . how is every darn thing?

We are well on our way to mastering five-year-old technology here. I bought Cindy an inexpensive MP3 player, and she is over at her desk now loading and unloading songs, and getting everything just so. Setting up the software was a hassle - her computer is badly overburdened pending upgrades next week, so it took a long time - but everything works now.

Also, I have found "MP3 CD Converter", a Windows program that takes MP3s and makes audio CDs out of them, so my old-tech (but much loved) CD Walkman can play them. The trial version only lets you put 10 songs at a time on a CD, but most store-bought CDs are around ten songs anyway, so I don't mind. And CD-Rs are so cheap now I don't feel like I'm missing valuable CD capacity. So now I have a job that lets me listen to my CD player, and a custom heavy metal CD, a custom Ramones CD, and a custom Techno CD. That should keep me amused as I assemble my robots at work. "MP3 CD Converter" is easy to use - the interface is clean and everything works exactly like you expect it to. I recommend it. IM or email me if you need help locating it.

Off to parents' for dinner now . . . my birthday party is next Sunday, so we're all looking forward to that!

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