20 May 2006

Lantiers Online!

Hi again, friends!

It's been a long time, but we're finally back online and back to the Blog. We hope you'll check in once in a while, to read of our exploits.

So much has happened. The mind boggles at trying to recount it all, so I'll just go on from here.

Tonight we had our usual Friday get-together with our friends from the Eastern Inland Empire Science Fiction Organization. I had been slated to run the roleplaying game ShadowRun, but I had to back out yesterday when I still hadn't had time to teach myself the combat, magic, and Virtual Reality systems in the game. So we played the boardgame HeroScape. Alison and I were bad guys, and we did battle with Karl and Fred. Alas, Alison's orcs (one riding a dinosaur) and my robots could not stave off incursions by Karl's Roman Legionaires and Fred's Viking warriors. I held them off longest, mostly by running out of their range and mowing them down with Gatling guns, but at last I fell and Good triumphed. The game is fun and plays well.

In other news: B'Orange the cat has had long-overdue medical attention and is making remarkable progress; I have discovered how to listen to audio books at work - I finished "20000 Leagues Under The Sea" and am 1/4 way through "Around the World in 80 Days"; tomorrow we see Emily in something Shakespearean at the Bowl. She's in 3 different plays, and I forget which one is tomorrow; we have a new car, a 2000 Saturn; I continue to tinker with the slackware Linux operating system and running my own MOO. The MOO will eventually be accessable over the Internet. I'll write more about this as it happens, if there's interest; tomorrow may include trips to the hobby shop and the place where I can get really old computers for really cheap.

More as it happens. Stay Tuned!

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