08 June 2008

Co-Creating Your Reality

I know I usually blog about art stuff, but this is something else that excites me, the idea of creating my own reality. Through a post on Yahoo! Group, I ran across the website, Co-Creating Our Reality and the idea of a 100 Day Reality Challenge. The idea behind the 100 day challenge is that for 100 days, you focus on your goals and intentions by declaring a commitment to them. If you want to, you can declare certain practices to follow throughout the 100 days of your challenge. Then you blog or video blog on the site so that others can follow your progress and process and support you as you go.

The site encourages the use of the Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Creation, Universal Laws and Principles, but I think it's a good site for encouragement in general goal setting and tending.

CCOR is a social network built on the Ning platform, so there are opportunities to make friends, leave comments for others and comment on blog and video blog posts. There are also discussion groups that you can join to boost your participation and encourage your progress.

I've set my challenge to start on June 28. I picked that date so that it will end on October 5, the date that my Featured Artist show opens. I really need to set some goals about making art, framing art, planning my reception and generally being creative! I haven't set my intentions and goals yet, but I'll certainly set them before June 28.

If you decide to stop by the site, look me up. I'd love it if you'd join me in the challenge!

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