03 November 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Today has been a busy day. A few days ago, John and I bought two sets of assemble-yourself shelves for the living room and we just got them in the house today. Luckily, a friend had a hand-truck we could borrow! Otherwise, I think we were faced with bringing them in the house piece-by-piece, because the boxes weigh 70-pounds each and we don't park close to our front door. Anyway, we got them in the house easily today. I've got the area where they will go mostly cleared. The nosey little kitties thought that was great fun! They had to sniff everything as I moved it and piled it somewhere else and had to sniff the empty spot. You'd think they'd never seen carpet before, they way they investigated the corner where the new bookshelves will go. Trust me, they've seen carpet! On ocassion, they've even seen clean carpet!

I also spent a good part of the evening studying my voters' guide and marking my sample ballot. I knew who I was going to vote for and how I was going to vote for some of the issues, but on other issues I was clueless. In fact, on a couple I still am. I'm waiting for John to get home so that we can talk over a couple of them. I don't know what I think of Proposition 2 or Proposition 3. The rest I've decided on. 

So, no new art for a few days. John is getting ready to go out of town with the National Guard for 12 days. I'll get the shelves assembled and organized during that time and start planning for Thanksgiving. It will be the second Thanksgiving that we've hosted. We're very excited about it. I think I'll make a homemade cheesecake for dessert. My mother bought me a cheesecake pan this spring and I've never used it. Got a good recipe?

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Jill said...

Oh my gosh...a year has gone past already cuz I remember when you were doing your first t-giving last year! WOW! I know I owe you, at the very least, a very LONG email....and I promise I will do that soon. Hope John survives his TDY. :)