06 November 2009

New Art & Chair Fabric

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I just purchased a new piece of art work. It's called "Cave Lady", and is painted by an artist named Micheal Noon. I purchased it from the Redlands Art Association. I fell in love with it from across the room and was pleased to see that was very affordable. It's 24" x 48" and very purple!

I also bought fabric with which to re-cover my dining room chairs. This is the fabric. I've never re-covered chairs before, but I've seen them do it on television! Besides, there's bound to be plenty of instructions on the internet! Any tips?

Now, I'm off to unpack the art supplies that I shipped to Arkansas for my vacation. They finally made it back home yesterday (Thanks Karen!) but I was out of town for the day. I'm eager to get back to art!


sherry ♥ lee said...

Gorgeous new painting Cindy! And I love the fabric you've chosen for your chairs! I've never recovered anything but it does look easy enough when you see it done on t.v. And very true, you can probably find a very good how-to guide on the internet!

Kristy C said...

What a cool painting! I have not been to RAA in like aaaaaaaaaaaaages. I really need to go see what they have!