06 March 2010

Mini-Show Submissions

I've been busy getting ready for the Redlands Art Association's 41st Annual Multi Media Mini Show. Take-in is tomorrow. I'll be going in the afternoon, dropping off my work, having lunch with a friend and then gaming and dinner with another friend. It should be a good day.

This show is a juried show, and the judge is a photographer, so I have no idea what kind of art she'll like. Some artists really like mixed-media collage, and some just don't get it. No telling which way she'll lean. And then, there's always the possibility that she'll like mixed-media work, but she won't like mine! Whatever! Art is so subjective; there's no way to predict what piece of work is going to resonate with another person. After all, there's plenty of "good art" that I don't particularly care for!

We are allowed to enter up to three pieces in the show. I'm going for all three to maximize my chances. Wish me luck!

These last two pictures are a little dark because I took them at 11:15 at night in lousy lighting, but I think you get the concept.


Jill said...

Hi Cindy! All three of your entries are beautiful! Good luck with the show and have a wonderful day with your friends.

Ommmm said...

The third one is cool. Luv it. Good luck!

Kristy C said...

Love all 3 of them, Cindy! I hope we BOTH get in! I missed seeing you yesterday-I went there right at 10am :(

Anonymous said...
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