07 October 2007

Art Journaling Self Portrait

Last week's exercise in art journaling from Suzi Blu was to do a self portrait. She stressed that it didn't have to look like me. She said not to get all uptight about it; just draw an outline and fill in the colors. That's what I did. I know it's no great work of art, but it brought me joy to do. I made a commitment when I started these exercises that I was going to do all of them (I still haven't done the one with the brads and the pockets) and that I was going to share my results. So, even though this was scary to do -- and even scarier to share, here it is.

La la la, Suzi Blu!

1 comment:

Jillian said...

I like it, Cindy. I look at it as more of a "work in progress" (like our new art is) instead of a finished portrait! :)