13 November 2007

I'm Readable! Are You?

When playing with the NaBloPoMo Randomiser and reading random posts, I ran across an entry about a widget that will check to see how readable your blog is; that is, what level of education one needs to read and understand your posts.

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There's no excuse for not reading Mixed Grill Favorites; while I do use the occasional three or four syllable word, it's basically understandable at a grade school level.

Like Leigh, I prefer this more comprehensive readability test, but it doesn't have a handy little widget or nifty badge to display. Ultimately, it gives me the same information, but it also tells me that up to this post, 10.43% of my words have been three or more syllables long; that comforts me.


Christine said...

Thanks! interesting tool, wouldn't have known about it except for your blog.

ThespAc said...

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. Aren't some of these widgets fun? I was a bit surprised that it told me that my blog was "College level: Postgrad"


Hannah said...

I am junior high- does that mean I am less readable or provide a more in depth description?...hmmmm. But I did like the second link too. 15.52% of my words are 3 or more syllables- ex-cell-ent.

Christine said...

I'm Junior High too.

I wish they had a description on why they base it on that.

I was sure I was Elementary School and read like a Beverly Cleary book. ;)