15 November 2007

NaBloPoMo -- OhNo!

I can't believe I missed a day! The NaBloPoMo challenge is to blog once a day, every day, for the month of November. And I missed yesterday. I can't believe it. I laid down to rest my feet (doctor's orders, if that counts for anything) at about 1:30 PM, and I was out. OUT, that is, until the wee hours of this morning. It never occurred to me that I would sleep for 17 hours, or I would have posted before I went to rest.

I'm already out of the running for prizes, because I didn't start at the beginning of the month, so this isn't a major catastrophe. But now, I'm out of the running for meeting my commitment, too. That sucks.

Forgive me?


Leah said...

maybe just stick an extra day of posting on the end? (december 1st?), but otherwise, don't make yourself feel to bad! :-)

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Hi Cindy! Just checking in. Technology sort of threw me to the ground but I'm back up at...thefairyyellowbugqueen.blogspot~~I'm trying to figure things out...like getting people on lists. Bye for now. Creative hugs from Norma

rufusOmar said...

hehe. don't be too hard on yourself. i just joined a week ago and i haven't exactly been posting on a daily basis.

i hope you post more though.

cheers and thanks for the comments