01 June 2010

Goals Meetup???

Each month, I read Candy Glendening's post about what she's accomplished art/business wise the month before, and what she hopes to accomplish for the current month. She is one busy lady! I admire, so much, what she is able to accomplish. I know, from personal experience, that the act of making a list can be sooo helpful. Whenever I have something I need to do -- Thanksgiving, company coming, etc. -- I make a list. A really detailed list. And it never fails to get me through what I'm facing.

So, I got to thinking ... I have some art goals that I periodically throw around to whoever is listening, but I rarely make an actual to-do list or give the goals time limits. And I rarely stay on track. Coincidence? I think not! I'm not ready, goal wise, to join the Goal Meetup that Candy participates in every month. Not today, anyway. I don't want to make some half-baked list just to be making one and then not have the feeling of accomplishment that comes from marking things off! Instead, I think I will spend the next few days pondering my immediate and longer term goals are, artwise, and what it will take from me to accomplish those goals.

July 1 starts the second half of the year, so it seems like a good time to join the Goals Meetup! I think I want to participate in Art on State Street this year, and that will require some planning and commitments on my part to have enough inventory to make it worthwhile. I'll need to plan a booth and display, price my items, get new business cards -- not to mention, MAKE ART!

What do you need to get done this month???

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Anonymous said...

WOot! You're right, July 1 is a great time to set some new goals!