20 April 2007

Finally! Some Rain!

Today has been a wonderful day; we finally have gotten some rain here in sunny Southern California. It wasn't a drencher, but a slow, steady rain all day. I had to be out in it almost all day long as I had several errands to run, so I wasn't loving it from that standpoint. It was so badly needed that I was thrilled anyway. It's still a bit cloudy, so maybe it will rain more tomorrow.

This evening I've been playing with art. I found a background technique on the the alteredbooks yahoo group that looked fun and easy. When I was at Wal-Mart this afternoon, I picked up the supplies and have been playing ever since. My piece isn't done, or I'd share, For now, check out the technique on an old Creative Collage entry if your interested. The background technique is intended for scrapbookers and I don't scrapbook much, but I think I can use the technique in collaging, too.

On the Flat Sally front, I've gotten the correct film for my camera, so she's ready to have adventures again! She and I are both very excited. When I was at Wal-Mart, I checked on her pictures, but they are not ready yet; I'm supposed to check back on Sunday. I told a friend, Sandy, all about her and even introduced them. Sandy was so excited that she may make a Flat Sally and Flat Stanley to send to her grandchildren. I thought that was pretty cool!

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