14 April 2007

Flat Sally

We are sooo excited! We are the proud, temporary guardians of Flat Sally. She is part of a school project of our cousin, Caroline Pierron in Ohio. We have Flat Sally -- based on the children's book character Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown -- for a little more than a month. In this time, we are supposed to show her around to our world, take her places, and photograph her. When the time is up, we send Flat Sally, her pictures and her souvenirs back to Caroline where she will finish up her project. We just got her Saturday evening, so we don't know where all we will take her, but we are looking forward to showing her around Redlands.

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Kristy C said...

Hey Cindy! So you met me at RAA MMM eh?? Wow-what a small world!! I would love to teach a class there sometime :)