24 April 2007

One More Time ...

Okay, I'm trying this weathered metal technique again. Apparently, I had the wrong kind of metal foil tape. Who knew there was more than one kind? There seems to be at least three kinds! I say three, because John and I stopped at our local Home Depot today looking for metal foil tape by Nashua. A helpful soul directed us to plumbing, where we found a sidekick of tapes, several by Nashua. One says "Foil Tape" across it in respectable sized letters. That must be it, right? So, we shelled out the $15.xx for Nashua "Foil Tape" that Home Depot asked of us, came home and I started to art. This is obviously the wrong stuff! As you can see in the pictures at Creative Collage, this tape is thin and transparent, almost like cellophane. Well, what we bought today is heavier than the first tape I bought! Oh no! And, it has writing on it. Now, I could see the writing when I bought it, but the tape comes on a layer that you have to peel off; in my defense, I assumed that the writing was on that layer. But, I proceeded through all the steps as though I had the perfect tape. I've asked on the yahoo group what department everyone got their metal foil tape in, because I obviously looked in the wrong department. It doesn't seem that that the tape in the plumbing department is the correct metal foil tape.

I'll post the results when I'm finished with my piece. Right now, I'm letting it dry "thoroughly" -- however long that is.

Tomorrow, I'll search out the correct tape and try AGAIN!

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