15 January 2008

Free-Motion Stitching

This is my first attempt at free-motion stitching. It's taken me long enough to jump on the bandwagon, hasn't it?

I have a wonderful old sewing machine that will still be sewing when we are all dead and gone. It's a Canadian White Domestic, about 60 years old, and weighing about 60 pounds. It's meant to go in a cabinet, I think; it's definitely not a portable, although it comes in a nifty carrying case. It's only drawback is that it has one stitch, a straight stitch, that goes forward and backward. I bought a darning foot for it today, so that I could do the free-motion stitching; it's first foot, other than the regular presser foot.


Linda Woods said...

I like the free-motion stitching, it looks soothing to me.
Thanks for stopping by our blog and sharing your lunch with us!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I was holding the bandwagon waiting for you to get on! sheesh!
Isn't free motion fun?? O.k. now draw something or write letters. You can do it!!

Jillian said...

This is awesome, Cindy! I'm glad you were able to do the free-motion stitching. All you needed was a darning foot?? Cheaper than a new machine! :)