30 January 2008

Stampbord, Anyone?

I've been playing with Stampbord, have you? Specifically, I painted the piece on the left with three colors of Twinkling H20s, then tried to emboss on it. You can see the very bubbly results. The sample on the right is straight embossing, no painting first. Has anyone tried the same thing? Did you get a similar result? Did I do something wrong or is it just an interaction between the clay on the stampbord, the Twinkling H20s and the heat of the embossing gun? Input, anyone?


Jillian said...

I know nothing about Stampbord but I'm wondering if the water that you use with the twinkling h2os gets into the substrate and when it heats up it bubbles creating the texture you ended up with. Love that color too (LOL).

Jeanne Rhea said...

I have tried Stampbord as a substrate for polymer clay and boy did I have a mess! I had to dump about ten pounds of clay. I think it cannot take the heat.