29 January 2008

Mini-Quilt #3

Here's my third finished mini-quilt. I just taught myself the blanket stitch. It's a bit wonky it spots and I discovered the hard way that you can't really turn a blanket stitch around corners; I think it's best to knot it off and start a new row of stitches. If anyone out there can successfully turn a hard corner with blanket stitch, I'd love to email with you about how you do it!

These quiltlets are going in a board book; I think the theme of the book will tie in with a new stamp I just bought. It's a favorite quote from Helen Keller: "Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all."


Silvia said...

All your mini-quilts looks really fantastic, I love them.
Thanks for stopping at my blog and your comment :-)

Margaret said...

Typically, the blanket stitch is used"the other way around": the bottom of the "U" on the outside of the cloth/blanket, the open end of the "U" toward the center of the blanket. Used that way, it is quite easy to go around the corner, with one stitch diagonally facing the corner across (ie. facing from the bottom left corner of the blanket toward the top right corner). Of course the effect will be quite different from the one you achieved on your art quilts (more conventional and tidy rather than artsy-funky), so it all depends on the look you wish to achieve.....