01 October 2008

Guerilla Art!

This the most amazing idea. I love the story of the dogmum. I may have to make some of these and distribute them. I have a million shipping tags, so I've no excuse -- other than shyness.

This project may have just changed the way I see ART. For me, art is a very solitary activity. I share my art with others on my blog and have even led a couple of workshops, but making art is something I do by myself for myself. Even though I'm the Featured Artist at the Redlands Art Association October 4-October 25, sharing my art in a public venue is something totally foreign to me. I've finally gotten to a point in my art-life where I don't care what other people think of my art. I'm not kidding either one of us -- I do like it when other people like my work; of course, I do! But I make art for me, for the experience of the process, for the joy of creation. Sharing my work online, most people don't comment on it; they just experience it for themselves, one way or another. I like this. I like that my experience of my art is completely separated from the viewer's experience. 

What dneese is doing really intrigues me. Sharing her art in such a public way really thrills me. I especially love that she is catching some people in the act of experiencing her art. This is totally cool!

Thanks so much to samanthakira for posting about it. It made me smile!


Suzan Buckner said...

Way to go on your new attitude Cindy!! I love the idea of leaving art tags everywhere!!


Anonymous said...

wow, Cindy! How delighted I am to have helped inspire you to get out there! The dogmum was so cool, I felt like I was stalking her as I walked behind, watching to see what she did. Later on I noticed that the oter tags had gone too, so more people have gotten a bit.
Soooo....when do we see your interpretation??

thebeadedlily said...

I like that my experience of my art is completely separated from the viewer's experience.
Very interesting sentiment. I do and I don't agree. I like physical distance in many ways, but I also want to know if others love it as much as I do.