31 October 2008

More ATC Show-in-a-Show Pics

Because of the way Blogger uploads photos, these are in exactly the reverse order from what I mean for them to be! These pictures were taken by Sandy Davies and Adeola, both paticipants in the show and swap. The above photograph is of people standing around talking during the swap. Actually, I think this is after most of the frenzy of swapping had died down.

This is during the height of the frenzy. If you are interested in ATCs and have never been to a face-to-face trade, I suggest you find one! They are tons of fun -- quite exciting. We had tables set out to facilitate in the trade, but in hindsight, I think just walking around with your cards would be better. That's how they do it at the other live swap I've been to.

Here we are, just getting started swapping. The frenzy hasn't set in yet and things are still pretty civilized. We also sold display stands for the ATCs. 

These pictures are of the show in the East Gallery. You can see some of the art work from the regularly scheduled show on the walls. There were five dowel rods of cards hanging in the Gallery. 

Here is my friend, Tammy, looking at some of the ATCs on display.

Tammy and I looking at the cards.

Tammy and I again looking at the cards. The cards were hung on these dowel rods from the ceiling. As I said, there were five dowel rods, three with two rows of ATCs. Two of the dowel rods displayed horizontally oriented cards.

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Kristy C said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I wish so much I could have gone! I started to make some and never took them down-I just had no energy :(