13 December 2008

I'm Not Much Of A Scrapbooker ...

... But I couldn't help but sign up for Kollete Hall's A Life Well Crafted: January over at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I have tons of photos and am getting a new digi-cam (I know, you're saying "Finally!") after Christmas so there will be even more pics to do something with. Right now, they are all just stacked in a box, with no rhyme or reason. I thought it time that I learned some of the basics of modern scrapbooking, and I liked Kollette's approach to this class. Actually, I don't think there will be a lot of "traditional scrapbooking" to it. It looks as though there will be lots of journaling -- which I do already in my Morning Pages -- and a bit of introspection. I can handle that.

Today I downloaded the supply lists; I have almost nothing on there. Sunday afternoon, I head out to Collective Journey to see what I can buy locally before I order a bunch of stuff. As much fun as internet shopping is (I joined Amazon Prime today!), I really love picking things like this out the old fashioned way. And any excuse to go to Collective Journey is a good excuse!

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