29 December 2008

It's Here!

My new digital camera is here! It arrived at about 11:30 AM. I had to charge the battery for about an hour and a half, and then I started taking pictures. The first picture I took was of Nana and Frankie -- Nana is the one looking at me with the wide green eyes. She was scared of the flash and ran off as soon as I snapped the picture! Frankie is doing what he does best and most often -- sleeping. Later on in the evening, I took a picture of B'Orange lying on my scanner. He'd been up on the monitor and gotten toasty warm, and then climbed down to finish his nap on my desk.

1 comment:

Pallas said...

Your kitty Nana looks a lot like my Lily (Tiger Lily). Yah, a cat with attitude! Enjoy the new camera - Happy New Year.