23 December 2006


I've run out of things to do.

I must have, because my latest good idea is to take the several backup CDs I have, put them all on my hard drive, and then go through and delete the duplicate files. There are 7 CDs now. I may have missed a couple, but I don't really think so.

Oh, it's important to note that these are NOT MP3s. Music is seperate. This is all the treasures I've saved in the last . . . probably 6 years, that are not music.

And, let's note, that I have expanded out the archive files as far as is logical. For instance, if there's a .zip that's a collection of old documents, I expanded that out into its component folders. But if there's a .zip that's a downloaded program (like the 80's game Wasteland that is so rare I backed up the CD wholesale as soon as I got it) I kept it as a zip. There aren't many of those (besides Wasteland) because downloading is so easy with our DSL. You can go download a program in the time it takes to find a CD and unpack the archive.

So, this is all John's non-music files since 2000, expanded out as far as is logical.

I did a Properties once I got things unpacked: 1.90 GB

1.90 GB? Everything I treasured enough to back up . . in 6 years? Not only that, but there are alot of copies of copies of copies - just drag things that look important and drop them onto a blank CD. CDs are cheap, so if in doubt, back it up.

1.90 GB is not even 4 CDs of material. It's only 1/4 of the hard drive space I had in my Pentium II!! And it's not even that much if alot of it is duplicates.

Okay, so this doesn't count music, and I don't generally back up email, although there is some on here.

All my digital life is just . . this.


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