20 December 2006

from Awakening the Power of a Modern God

Excerpted from the audio CD Awakening the Power of a Modern God by Gregg Braden

"Between 1993 and the year 2000, scientists documented evidence of a field of energy, a previously undiscovered field of energy, and they said that this field is described in three ways: They said, first of all, the field is everywhere all of the time. Second, is that the field apparently has been here from the time of the very beginning, the time that we call the big bang in the theories of physics and the third is that this field has an intelligence. The field responds to very specific qualities of human emotion. This field is so new that as of yet scientists have not come to a consensus in terms of what this field should be called. Some are calling it very technical names such as "the quantum hologram", while others, such as former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, called the field "the nature's mind." In some of his more recent works, Stephen Hawkings is actually calling this field "the mind of God." Well, the field is now recognized as a conduit; it's this field that carries what we create with in our bodies -- our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, the anger, the hate, the rage, the joy, the love, the compassion, our prayers, all the things that we've become from within -- it is this field that carries it into the world beyond our bodies. One of the keys to understanding why this field, the mind of God, is so important is because it is now being described as a holographic field. A brief definition of a hologram simply suggests that it is a pattern in nature where every piece of the pattern holds all the information to reproduce the whole once again."

I originally heard this as an "inspirational moment" on HayHouseRadio; I know the point was to tease me and get me interested enough to buy the CD -- and it's working! To me, this is really exciting! I'm recently coming to believe that God isn't an old man sitting on a throne some where in the sky, but rather the field of energy that holds the Universe together. What Braden is saying echoes what I'm already coming to believe in my own my mind -- and science in backing me up.

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