08 March 2008

Art Journal Tutorial, Step Four

Okay, those of you who know me probably already guessed that Step Four was my least favorite step. I hate doodling. I just don’t have any confidence about it, because I’m not a doodler. I don’t even doodle when I’m on the phone. Because I don’t doodle, the temptation was to copy what Julie was doing, but I didn’t. I wanted to try her aged paper technique, so I did decide to put strips of text on my layout. I used the first few lines of an e.e. cummings poem (i thank You God for most this amazing). I didn’t have any white cardstock, so I used index stock; it worked fine. I also couldn’t find my glue pen, so I used my glue stick anyway. It seemed to work okay since I was careful. I tried Julie’s rubberstamping technique. I think it would have worked great if my surface had been anything other than Lumiere paints, or maybe if I’d have waited until tomorrow to try stamping. Even with my StazOn ink, the stamps didn’t want to make an impression. I had to really ink them up and press really hard to get even a faint impression.

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