08 March 2008

Art Journal Tutorial, Step Two

This is Step Two, where the real fun begins. Out comes the paint brush! Read Julie’s blog entry for the details. I used a wash of Golden Fluid Acrylic in Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold, and then sponged on Lumiere in Halo Pink Gold. After that was dry, I dry brushed white paint on it. My next layer was a light, sporadic coat of Adirondack Lights Acrylic Paint Dabbers in Shell Pink. I didn’t dab it on, but unscrewed the lid and used a paint brush. I liked this, but thought it needed something, so I dotted it with Lumiere in Metallic Russet and sponged the dots in. That was a lot of work for that layer! I was impatient, so I used my blow dryer to dry each layer before going on to the next. So far, so good.

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