07 March 2008

What A Mail Day!!!

Today I hit the bonus box, mail wise. There were over ten pieces of mail addressed to me! Nine of them were art related! Here are just some of the art related goodies that I received today:

The first is an ATC that is part of Lottery, with the theme "Junk Mail", on the Yahoo Group Altered_stART. This ATC comes from Francine, the group's owner.

The second and third photo are from Andrea in the UK. I am hosting a Corset Swap on Altered_stART. The third photo are Andrea's corset's. Aren't they yummy? I asked that overseas players send goodies instead of trying to deal with postal coupons and return postage. The second photo is the goodies that Andrea sent me. Wasn't she generous?

The last three photos are a piece of mail that come to me from Julie of The Land of Lost Luggage. Isn't the envie gorgeous? A piece of art in itself. The pink tab on the first photo of the envelope is just a post-it note to cover her return address. From Julie, I got the large-hole punchinella and the other goodies. I'm so excited. I have an envie of goodies -- just a plain white business sized envelope, sorry! -- to send to her tomorrow. I've seen mail art in magazines, but this is the first piece that I've actually received myself. It's so cool!

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! Glad you like the mail art! I enjoyed making it for you!