07 March 2008

The Last of the Mail ...

Here's the last of the art that came in the mail today. Aren't I lucky?

The first piece that comes to me is from Jackie; it is part of the "Junk Mail" lottery that was held on the Altered_stART Yahoo Group. The next two pictures, scans of corsets, are from Jessica O. I am hostessing a Corset Swap on Altered_stART, and these are her offerings. Aren't they great? It's a four-for-four swap, but Jessica sent me five corsets. I'm not sure yet why. Maybe one's for me? The last two pieces are from the Altered_stART "Junk Mail" lottery. They are a 4x4 from Pat and an ATC from Nancy/Daisie.


Jillian said...

Hi. Wow! All your mail is great. You are lucky!

AwtemNymf said...

I love the corset idea? Where can I find those?
THanks for stopping by my blog!
Happy Creating!