20 August 2008

Collage Play With Crowabout Week #3

Here is my journal page for Week #3 in the Collage Play with Crowabout Flicker group. It's a private group, so I can't offer you a link to it, but you can get more information about it at the founder's blog. Every week, Nancy gives us a new sheet full of collage elements and we each make a collage or journal page using at least three of the elements. This the first week that I've done any personal journaling on my page. My lettering skills could use some practice, but all-in-all, I'm pleased with how it turned out. The background is one that I made following Suzan Buckner's background tutorial.


Jill said...

Your collage came out great, Cindy. I can never think of anything to do with the elements, and I really should just drop out because I haven't even done one week yet (bad life timing I guess)...but I'm glad you're having fun with it!

Anonymous said...

Great collage! Love what you did with your background! x

Lorraine said...

I really like all the collage pages you have put up on your blog..there is a lot of detail to them and they are all different..thanks very much for your great comments on my blog..