16 August 2008

Backgrounds Completed

Here are a couple of backgrounds that I completed, loosely following Suzan Buckner's background tutorial. I did have to dry my paper every so often because I'm not using as luscious a paper as she is; I'm using index stock and it's just not the same quality as the expensive watercolor paper she's using. My paper tore from the moisture if I didn't dry it out once in a while. I also didn't wipe my gesso'd credit card on my shirt, but on a paper towel instead! I still think the backgrounds came out okay. I'm eager to try this technique on canvas -- I have three blank canvases waiting for something to happen to them.


Suzan Buckner said...

oh!! These are totally COOL!! I love the way they turned out..umm..could you do a tutorial, so that I can do them??? **smile..

They are beautiful!!

The dabbers are Ranger Inks replacement dabbers. My scrapbook store special orders them for me, but I bet you can find them at Ranger.com.

Jill said...

Hi Cindy! These came out really awesome!

trisha too said...

wow, those are neat
(sorry, I need to find some new adjectives.)

but they are, and thanks for the link, too.

we do like Firefly, but i've only seen two episodes! bought season one for some fun summer viewing, but then there's that time thing . . .

Anonymous said...

Wonderful backgrounds Cindy! x