02 August 2008


This piece is 11x14, so it doesn't all show up in the scan. It's done on canvas panel with multiple layers of paint, collage, and an image transfer. This was a fun piece to do and another piece that took me into that "place of no-mind", as most of my art does. I think tonight I'll finish up the Fluer de lis piece that's been sitting on my art table (the dining room table!), waiting to be completed, for a couple of weeks now. My good friend, Sandy Davies, has agreed to help me hang my show, so I feel so much better about that aspect of it. It automatically looks 100% better, with her experience, than it would have if I were hanging it by myself. Now to finish up my art and get it matted and framed -- those pieces that need to be, anyway.


Jill said...

Hi Cindy! I'm so excited for you and your upcoming show. Your "inspiration" piece is gorgeous and I love the color. I wish I could see all your work in person, but will be there in spirit.

Pallas said...

Congratulations on your upcoming show. You must be excited about it. Your work is beautiful. If we get back to California early enough this year, I'm going to come and see it in person. The website lists your show until Nov. 15. Be sure to post some receptions photos on your blog for us to see.