01 September 2008

ATC Class News

It seems as though there may be a repeat of the ATC class I taught last week-end! One of the participants called me saying that she had a really good time and wondered if I'd be willing to lead the workshop again if she could get the students together. She talked to my answering machine, and when I called back, I talked to hers, so we haven't worked out any details, but I said "Yes! Of course!" I'm really excited about the idea! I had so much fun leading it the first time -- and all the attendees said they had such a great time! -- that I'm eager to do it again! And the more people who take the workshop, the more people there will be to participate in the gallery show in October, so it's win-win-win.

This time, maybe I'll remember to take a camera so that I can share the lovely art being made at the workshop! If you live locally and are interested in taking the workshop, just email me at art@lantier.org and I'll send you the information once it's finalized.


Jill said...

Hi Cindy!! What awesome news about a repeat of your ATC class! Wish I lived closer so I could take it. :)

Ed said...

Wish I lived closer too -- I am across the big pond so much too far away......Contratulations on the return class !!