14 September 2008

My Second ATC Workshop!

My second ATC Workshop, at Redlands Art Association, was yesterday (Saturday) morning/afternoon from 9am to 2pm. We ended up going an extra hour because we were having so much fun and the room was available! There were only three students, so it was very intimate, but it was every bit as motivating and inspiring as the larger workshop I led in August. I had a camera there, but for some reason, I'm having trouble getting the pictures off the Smart Media Card. I'm going to try again later in the week from my FIL's computer. We think maybe trying it from the computer that has the camera software on it may make it work. I hope so, because I took pictures of all the workshop participants and their ATCs. There was some really great work, just like at the last workshop.

One of the women wants to do this every month! I told her if she could get the people together, I'd do it. I was totally serious. I'd lug all my stuff to the gallery once a month if she can guarantee me at least three people in attendance. Why? Because I love doing it, leading the workshops. And because I love the art form and am excited about introducing more people to ATCs. And because I learn as much -- if not more than! -- I teach. After I came home and rested, I've made five ATCs -- SO FAR! I'm sure there are more in me! Yes, I know it's 1:37 AM on Sunday morning. But my husband is out of town, and I've nothing else to do. I'm inspired and motivated, so why not play? Besides, I need to make "several" ATCs for my Featured Artist Show which is coming up, just three weeks from yesterday (Saturday)! EEK! That's a whole other post!


Jill said...

Hey...if you offer "scholarships" incl. airfare---then sign me up!! :) I've forgotten everything I knew about ATCs! It sounds like this teaching thing is right up your alley.

Rosie said...

Oh what fun you had! I resisted making ATCs for such a long time but now I love them!! Thanks for your comment on my blog. If I ever get over to your part of the world, count me in on one of your workshops!!