25 September 2008

ATC Show and Swap Coming Up! -- National & International Players Wanted!

Just a quick reminder that there is an ATC show-in-a-show at the Redlands Art Association in October. There is a one page prospectus with all the details (downloadable from RAA)

Here's the deal, in a nutshell: Up to 10 cards per entry. Entry fee is $10. Cash (if you're local), Check, or Money Order (US funds) only. You must be the artist of all cards submitted. Cards can be either ATCs or ACEOs. All ATCs must be available for swap. ACEOs must have their price on the sleeve (20% commission on all sales to RAA). Because of the way the show will be displayed, all cards MUST fit into a protective sleeve. Embellishment is great -- just make sure it still fits in a sleeve.All mediums are welcome. In fact, we'd love a variety of mediums on display.

We'd like to have players from all over the world, so if you are in a non-US country and are interested in participating, just leave me a comment with your email address or email me. I'll get back to you with information on mailing to the US. Basically, I'll take care of the return postage so you don't have to worry with those nasty international postage coupons in exchange for goodies -- ephemera from your country (especially if your country has a language other than English as its national language!), papers, stuff like that. I don't require a great bag of goodies, but I thought that goodies would be easier than trying to mess with return postage. This is how I handle the international players when I've hosted swaps, and it's always worked out well.

The show is October 13-October 18 at the Redlands Art Association. There will be a reception and a swap on October 18. Any artist who is not present will have a proxy-swapper appointed for them.

Check out the prospectus, leave a comment, or email me for more information. We'd love to display your ATCs in our Gallery!

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Jill said...

How old can they be?? (LOL!)

Rcv'd the invite for your show---wow! So impressive! Will you remember me when you are famous and have no time for us nearly-non-artist-types?? :)