16 September 2008

Exciting News! I'll Be Famous!

Earlier this evening I got a call from a reporter aquaintance of mine who wants to interview me about my upcoming Featured Artist Showfor the Press Enterprise! That saves me TONS of work in publicity. We'll be meeting at the Redlands Art Association Gallery tomorrow afternoon for the interview and to take picutres. Guess I'd ought to get enough sleep tonight if there are going to be pictures! LOL!

I'm so excited!  Thanks Penny!


Kim said...

Congratulations, Cindy, that sounds terrific! Perhaps it is the boost needed to go astronomical!

Pallas said...

Congratulations on your upcoming interview with The Press Enterprise, and also for your gallery opening. Let us know how it goes and when the article is published.

Jill said...

How did your interview go? Did you have it get??