27 September 2008

New Banner!

A few weeks ago, I downloaded an evaluation copy of Photoshop in order to prepare the invitations for my Featured Artist Show. I've not really used it for much since then. I just got a wild hair and decided to try my hand at a blog banner. It's not perfect, but I think it's prettier than the default banner that comes with a blogger layout. I'll have to pay more attention to blog banners and see what else I might come up with. I wanted to include a few of my favorite vintage photos or ATCs, but 800x200 doesn't give you much space in which to work -- and I'm annoyed by those blog banners that take up half the screen (even though they can be fun to look at).

1 comment:

julie h. said...

Photoshop: Once you start, you can't go back. Mwahahahahaha...

(Well, unless you don't have money. In which case, there's GIMP and Paint.NET). :)

Love the banner & Tolle quote!