01 September 2008

Collage Play With Crowabout Week #5

Here is my Week #5 offering for the Collage Play With Crowabout Challenge. I meant for the journaling to go all the way to the bottom, but I was having pen issues. The background is water soluble oil pastels and nothing really wanted to write on it; I finally just gave up. I have one more pen to try, now that I think about it ...

I am enjoying this collage group so much! So far, I've managed to participate in each week's challenge. In fact, I find myself looking forward to Saturday mornings, so I can get the new collage elements and start to "work". I try not to peak at the other member's offerings while I'm working, but I'm so excited about what is being produced that sometimes I can't help it. Everyone is producing such good work. I'm really amazed by the caliber of art being produced and I'm humbled to be a part of the group.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Beautiful week #5 collage!! Hmmm...I haven't done a single one. Not even downloading the collage sheets. I'm so glad that you are playing w/the group so I can live vicariously thru you!