21 September 2008

New Digital Collage Sheets

Saturday night, I was in much too much pain to be comfortable in bed. So, I did what any good ATC artist would do -- I bought new digital collage sheets from Etsy and made ATCs. Actually, I spent Saturday night shopping and making a few ATCs; I made the rest of them today. They went really fast, once I got the images that I wanted to use.

The first new ATC is the Edgar Allen Poe card -- Poe with butterfly wings. That image came from a Halloween collage sheet that I bought from Keeper of the Nest. She is a new seller (in fact, I was her very first customer) and she's very helpful. I also bought a butterflies and moths collage sheet from her that I haven't yet been inspired to use. But I will be; it's just beautiful. 

The images for the second set of ATCs -- the clowns -- came from SuppliesToGo. Excellent customer service. I got them so early this morning that I think she does not ever sleep! I also bought a digital collage sheet with vintage wedding photographs, but haven't used it yet. I'm eager to use them, too!

The third set of ATCs was made with images from a free collage sheet from Kelly Burton. She used to occasionally give free digital collage sheets on her personal blog. Now that she's got collagevisions, I don't know if she still does that or not. This sheet had several pictures of a house and the one sky shot of the lonely tree branch. I loved the tree branch so decided to use it on this simple ATC. These are the two ATCs that I made during my painful Saturday night.

The next ATCs came from one of collagevisions digital collage sheets. She's having a big sale (Buy One Get One) until September 30. These ATCs aren't really Halloweeny -- even though I used focal images from one of the Halloween sheets -- but rather are "celebrating" witchcraft, a topic I remain fascinated with.

Finally, all the little girls are also from collagevisions -- my "get one free". I love this little girl, in all her variations. 

So now, if I've counted right, I have 58 completed ATCs, and that's exactly what I need for the upcoming Show-in-a-Show at the Redlands Art Gallery, the curtain of ATCs at my Featured Artist Show, and a trade that just came up (someone saw my TMTA -- Handwriting ATCs and wants to do a three-for-three trade. Lucky me! She's got some beautiful work!). I could take a break, but I have all these new images to play with!


Viola said...

Wonderful ATCs!!

Cuchy said...

Wow.. you've been very busy. Beautiful artwork. Hope you feel better :) M.Carmen