29 September 2008

Look What I bought Today!

It's not a very good picture, but then I don't have a very good digital camera! I stopped in to Collective Journey to see if they had their new alcohol inks display in yet; I have a 15% off coupon and want to use it on something worthwhile! I bought two little bags of Triple Chocolate Toffee (by Marich Confectionery -- they are my current chocolate addiction!), and didn't use my coupon, of course! As I was walking out the door, I saw a clear paint bucket full of small sized alphabet stamps from Studio G. I expected them to be $3.99 or so, but they were $1.00 a set! So, I bought one of every set they had -- 11, total! Then I came home and looked for them on the internet and found an eBay auction for the previous series (they came in a pink box; the current series is in a green box), so I purchased four more! I love alphabet stamps, and these are the perfect size for ATCs and inchies. I haven't gotten into inchies yet, but this may lead me there ...

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