28 September 2008

I'm Famous!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that a local reporter was going to interview me for an article in the paper about my upcoming Featured Artist Show. The interview process was wonderful -- exciting and comfortable -- and the article is out in today's Press Enterprise. Aside of the fact that I look goofy in the picture, the article is really great. It was much longer than I expected; it goes into more detail than I thought that it would.

Off to have a doughnut to celebrate!


julie h. said...

Cindy, we are so proud of your work, and admire your accomplishments so much.

It was great to see your smile again in the article, & we wish you THE best!!

B, J, & K

Pallas said...

Great article Cindy! Wish I was going to be back in time to see your show. Enjoy your reception and the show.

Your new banner is very nice.


Lynn said...

Take a bow Lady! You look lovely in your photo and great to get the word out on your show! Way to Go!!!!

Jennifer Mehlman said...

Congratuations on your fame! I was feature in an article in the local paper about ATCs a while back. I am your east coast counterpart! ATCs RULE!