20 September 2008

New Books!

Today, I went shopping and bought some new books while I was out buying a few new art/craft supplies (like the much needed Crop-o-dile Big Bite!). First of all, I bought the latest issue of Quilting Arts. I'm not a quilter, but this magazine is always full of amazing eyecandy and the current issue has an article on natural dye techniques (according to the cover; I haven't even cracked the cover of the magazine) that I thought might be interesting. 

I've mentioned that I got a new Dover book -- the Leonardo da Vinci Treasury. I've been curious about it for a long time, and when I saw it in Barnes & Noble, I was hooked. It has 206 royalty-free designs, including several color plates. It has several drawings and sketches by da Vinci, including a fair number of anatomy drawings. It comes with a CD-ROM. It's a very interesting book. I've already used it for an ATC. 

The other new book is The New Book of Image Transfer by Debba Haupert. It comes with an image bank, and what looks like lots of different image transfer techniques. I love image transfers, even though I only know a few techniques. I'm eager to learn a few new ways of doing things. The book got really mixed reviews on Amazon, but I'm willing to make up my own mind.

I've also got a couple of more books coming in the mail from Amazon. I recently ordered another Dover book -- the Old-Time Anatomical Illustrations CD-ROM and Book -- and Taking Flight: Inspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings by Kelly Rae Roberts. I looked at this book today in B&N and it looks wonderful. Part technique book and part creative healing workbook. I'm really looking forward to getting it!

And, I have a large batch of photos, postcards, and paper ephemera coming from eBay. That should be shipped out Monday, but it's coming Media Mail, so I'm not holding my breath on getting it any time soon. Sometimes those Media Mail shipments surprise me and come awfully fast, but sometimes they tend to lag. Oh well, it will be a surprise when I get it!

Looking forward to all my goodies!

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Jill said...

Hi Cindy! Wow--you have quite a collection of new books. I love the dover books--I used their antique fruit label book to make the lables that I collaged on my kitchen backsplash. The DaVinci one sounds really neat too.